What Happens In The End To Angel And Buffy And Does Spike Die??? Buffy The Vampire Slayer Answers

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While he did not deny that he had been dominated by Twilight during the actual murder, he reminded Faith that he had been himself on many other occasions, and that he then had more blood on his hands than even Angelus. He told her that he wanted to continue Giles’ work where he’d left off, helping people in need, and also revealed the true reason why he had recovered so suddenly. Unexpectedly, Connor returned days later, a young man of 18 years old who had been raised by Holtz to be a warrior and to believe that Angel was a soulless monster. Holtz took his own life in such a way that Connor was led to believe he was killed by Angel, making Connor hate his father and be determined to make him pay for the suffering he had caused Holtz and others. Connor then sank his father to the bottom of the ocean in a steel coffin, while Cordelia ascended to a higher plane, the feelings shared between her and Angel still left unspoken. Buffy’s friends were angry and disappointed when they discovered that Angel had returned and Buffy had not told them.

While they continued to be apart, Buffy maintained her feelings for Angel. At some point during her position as general of the Slayer Organization, she would have a sexual dream of Angel holding her naked while she was wearing a nurse outfit while surrounded by phallic imagery, and dreamed of him again when she was thrown back in 1997. She had consciously chosen to wear the first cross Angel had given her long ago, and then quickly denied it meaning anything when he had taken notice of it. Despite being somewhat standoffish with him on the outside, Buffy reflected on his attractiveness.


We can’t ask, certainly, because she was murdered by the guy she was trying to help. And despite the fact that Spike fled Sunnydale at the end of the season, the character proved so popular that he was written into several more storylines with the Scoobies in season 3. After a time, his “guest appearance” credit disappeared and he became a series regular, begrudgingly helping the Scoobies in their conflicts against the supernatural and evil.

Gellar And Boreanaz Didn’t Take Their Romance Scenes Seriously

Angel was also established as detached from reality, and didn’t find many things in his life he could look forward to. Unlike humans, who grow and learn as they age, Angel was frozen blackdatingforfree in time. He had an obsession with his destiny; he would follow almost any metaphorical road as long as he believed it would help people to achieve what they were destined for.

In London, Angel was confined to Giles’ flat where he remained in a state of intense depression for a prolonged period of time. Faith cared for him and in an attempt to speed up his recovery, read him passages from Giles’ old Watchers Diaries. After he heard about a little girl who was playing host to a demon, he suddenly recuperated, donning his redemptive mindset once more. He accompanied Faith to the girl’s residence, and as the demon was slaughtered he received a rush of Giles’ memories detailing the day he’d fallen in love with Jenny Calendar. On the way back to their apartment, Angel told Faith that Giles’ writings about the girl had “opened his eyes” and then sent her on her way, informing her that he could go home alone and wait for her, as she had other things to do. Angel was later reunited with his son, Connor, when the latter was forced to fulfill his destiny by killing the demon Sahjhan.

Do Buffy and Angel have an abusive relationship?

After stopping the magical plague from spreading, Angel was on good terms with Giles and both seemed to respect each other. Angel would also ask Giles if he’ll tell him when, if ever, there was a right time for him to see Buffy again, something he agreed to do. Fred developed a strong crush on Angel, but he showed no acknowledgement of her feelings, treating her simply as a good friend.

The majority of Buffy’s sexual partners and romantic interests were male, as expressed in her dreamspace fantasy about Spike and Angel surrounded by phallic imagery. However, her sexual orientation was further explored when she had sex with Satsu, a fellow Slayer, in two occasions. Although the event prompted a discussion about her sexuality, Buffy was only faced with negative repercussion among her friends; Willow, Xander, and Spike insisted that she wasn’t gay and understood that her encounter with Satsu was merely experimental. In one instance, Buffy defended herself claiming that it had been a “phase” that she was “supposed to have.”

It looks like vampires aren’t the only thing immortal in the world of villains. The true friendship between Gellar and Boreanaz seems to be withstanding the test of time too. He always made comments on Buffy dating vampires because of how many Spike / Angel killed, without fully accepting that he was a hypocrite since Anya had a lifespan of like 5x Spike/Angel and a body count that dwarfed the two of them. While Buffy’s vampire lovers get more attention, it is Willow’s romances that truly model healthy love.

Angel was puzzled at his outburst along with Faith, expressing a lack of awareness of Buffy even having a sister. Both of them had lost their memories of her since she was losing her magical essence due to the loss of magic, so Angel and Faith would be the first to forget her since they interacted little with her. Angel encouraged her by prompting her to reflect on how weak she had become without magic. In Quor’toth, Connor served as a guide, while Willow reminded Angel about the possible consequences of being in another dimension. They eventually came across dog-like demons who worshiped Connor; wanting to help them, Connor stayed behind. As Willow attempted to open a portal to the World Without Shrimp, they were attacked by the Old One called Quor’toth.

Giles had also taken care to remind him that Buffy was not helpless and did not need his “protection.” Angel angrily retorted that both of them knew that, but they would still always try to keep her safe anyway. Giles silently acknowledged this, knowing that Angel’s natural protectiveness and concern over Buffy was something they could both be able to relate over. Angel had also called Giles for information on Faith after she woke from her coma and though Giles was vague over what exactly she had done to Buffy, he had told him she was dangerous and wrecked havoc on Sunnydale. Through all of Lilah Morgan and Wolfram & Hart’s schemes, Angel fostered a strong, bitter hatred towards Lilah. Like Lindsey, Lilah desired to have Angel killed despite Wolfram & Hart’s policy against it, and Angel proved on several occasions that he had no qualms about killing her if he had to.

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