Gemini Man: Good Traits, Bad Traits, Love And Sex

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She is proud and may be domineering but he doesn’t mind because he doesn’t want the responsibility of making big decisions anyway. This pair likely has common interests such as movies, music, attending parties and festivals, travel, taking classes and enjoying pop culture in various forms. They may have shared interests in trivia related events like game night at a local tavern or intellectual games online. Though their personalities are different, they complement each other perfectly.

When we are together it’s as if only we matter we fit into one another lIke a puzzle piece It’s like we are dancing on Mercury in space and nobody can come between that. The sex doesn’t help because it’s so good we can’t resist. Virgo men are charming yet sneaky and bipolar as well which Geminis can see and feel it all which also makes us question of a Virgo man is the one for us. We Gemini women love their firm manly beliefs . We love how they cherish us and give us their attention like a trophy.

Stable with a sales job in which he feels he shouldn’t have to call prospects more than once. I asked him to help me figure out stocks about 2 weeks ago and he hasnt after saying he is also interested in stocks. He finds time to play ball with his boys and take off work early to smoke though.

He’s my sweater when I’m cold but also a blender when I’m angry.. He coyly pushes my buttons as if he programmed all the codes.. But i wouldn’t trade him for anything..I love him… and I’ll Love Him more tomorrow than I do today.. Hes grounded,stable sure of himself,meticulous and very focused.

Stay loyal to your Leo woman

As for me…I only want one lover for the rest of my life…I’ve lived by that my whole life…Being witty lol… I wasn’t witty until I met my Virgo! That’s hard to find in a Gemini, let alone WOMEN as well! All in all… it depends on the person, how they grew up, wher ethey grew up, family style, school surroundings, and total outlook on life. If 2 people want to be together knowing they’re opposites… they’ll make it work somehow, regardless of Zodic. It takes us awhile to be like, “Hi, I’m Nico” and conversate. Confidence and fun are so attractive not only to you women, but us men too.

Whether thrown into a team environment or forced to work alone, they will usually excel. When problems arise, look to them for ideas and workarounds as they are never short on supply. They are usually no-fuss workers but can get distracted with engaging conversation which can cause issues in jobs that require focus. Leo women are usually hard working, especially if they will receive recognition for it. They can be lazy if they believe it will go unnoticed and there is no showy incentive they can obtain. As leaders or managers, they are kind, but their word is law.

Gemini Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

The two are a pleasant couple, known to attract attention wherever they go. Both find it hard to let go of each other’s mistakes. Add to that, they tend to rely on the other person to solve their issues. Although they butt heads from time to time, both will strive to patch things up before the end of the day. They tend to focus on themselves, so they have a hard time listening to each other. Leo can teach Gemini about love – and pleasure – for the latter is a student who’s willing to learn.

Meanwhile, Gemini is witty and super charming; Leo will love their easygoing and playful approach to life.Gemini, remember that your Leo loves physical affection. Try giving your Leo a massage or an impromptu cuddling session to show Leo how much you care about him. Gemini women and Leo guys have lots of sexual chemistry, with playful energy, passion, and a desire to try new things together. Even notorious Gemini and Leo arguments can be diffused easily through sexual encounters. This couple can make up through sexual adventures and may use this part of their relationship to ease tensions and form a deeper connection to each other. In fact, this couple may be entrenched in a world based on virtual reality, social media platforms and role playing games.

In turn, being the flirtatious beast that he was he would shower me with witty complements that I loved because I felt they were honest and logical at the same time. Things became boring too, cause I felt like he depended in me to make everything fun and bring the excitement in the relationship, which was quite a burden if you ask me. I do not take kindly to being “an option” and “settled for” so that and other reasons led me to breaking up with him. He tried to get me back but I was adamant, and constantly refused his persuations. I don’t think I’ll date a Gemini again, I think as Leo women we want to be challenged not someone who just goes along, showers us with complements and always flirts around. A Gemini is good for a teenege fling but not a longterm partner, in my experience.

A Virgo man and Leo woman can get married as long as they are able to overcome any challenges that they may face during the course of their partnership. If they find a way to effectively co-operate and work alongside each other. It is important to be aware of their differing natures, but find a way to respect each other despite this. Even if there is a strong attraction there, an emotional bond may not be possible. Lose the initial trust that he had built up in the Leo woman and it may be hard to build this back up again if they do not have a very healthy communicative bond. However, if they are able to say on the same page and communicate effectively, this issue can be overcome.

One of the best perks of dating older men is that they tend to be more mature – obviously. However, with an Aries guy in particular, he appreciates the opportunity to take on leadership roles. This doesn’t mean the Aries older man is going to turn into something straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale.It’s not that extreme. It just means that he will court you in a classic way.

Leo man, Leo woman: Strongest points of compatibility

Even if it means that I have to get hurt for awhile in the process a Leo doesn’t give up on people even when they give up on him. Even months later I would still talk to exes and drop everything I had going on if they needed something when I wasn’t even in their life. I’m not a insecure person and I have many friends and people I socialize with but will still be there above all else for the girl I cared about in the past. Leo’s however, have tremendous pride and will almost always think about how you walked out on them. It’s not easy for us to understand why we can be so loyal even when things are terrible but others can’t.

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